Sunday, October 14, 2012

Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluations being based on student test scores has been a hot topic and watching Romney also discussed it in some detail recently during the Summit on Education Nation: Decision 2012 Part II. I didn't realize that Kansas was one of a very few number of states that are not currently using test scores to evaluate. As a teacher, I do feel that our evaluations should be based on student performance to a certain extent, but not the way that it is currently being done. I do not feel that all students will ever all be at the same level and being evaluated as a teacher by having all students at a 100% doesn't seem reasonable or realistic. A lot of factors go into a students test score, besides just the teaching and learning that went on in the classroom that particular year. I think it should more based on student progression or student growth. Expecting perfection makes it difficult in the classroom, not only for teachers, but also for students. This article from the New York Times discusses parents that are boycotting the test, because they are so fed up with the process. What are your thoughts?


  1. I agree with you. Our evaluations should be based more on the progression the students are making. Telling kids and students that they must do well creates an unwelcome stress for all involved. Paying teachers more for student achievement has also shown not to be very successful either.

  2. Great article! I admire the parents at that NY school for taking a stand. I agree that teacher evaluations should be based on student growth. Tying teacher effectiveness to a test only narrows the curriculum focus. This will not help our students.