Thursday, January 10, 2013

Newspaper Pots

Today we made our newspaper pots. The students did an awesome job and really got into the project. Most students made at least 2 pots and some were even able to make 3. They will hopefully dry over the weekend and we will plant next week! We are so excited to (hopefully) have a classroom full of plants. We have also been learning A LOT about how to take care of these plants indoors until they are strong enough (and it's warm enough) to be planted outdoors.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Winter Blues

Winter is so hard for me. I dislike the cold...immensely and I dislike the short daylight hours. It is hard for me to get motivated to do anything and then add how incredibly busy I am with work and with my family and I am tired all the time.
So I have been trying to figure out ways to be more energetic and more motivated so that I can beat the winter blues. So I think we are going to start spring early in my classroom!!
Today my class began the process to make newspaper pots. The kids loved shredding newspaper! Tomorrow we will line plastic cups with our wet, moist newspaper and wait for them to dry. Then hopefully at the beginning of next week we can remove them from the molds, add soil and begin to plant. Can't wait to have a classroom full of plants!!! Bring on springtime!