Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gorgeous Day at the Patch

Today was a field trip day!!

We loaded all the students of our school on three buses today and headed off to a fun filled day at the pumpkin patch. We could not have ordered better weather for the day and the patch was not too crowded. All our students got to pick a pumpkin with their admission cost (paid by our school PTO) and as long as it fit through the hole in the chair they were able to pick any pumpkin they wanted. Then we spent the rest of our day playing on all the wonderful things that Walters Pumpkin Patch had to offer. Even though our whole school was there (along with a few other schools and other families) there was plenty of room to spread out and explore all the areas without feeling crowded. We played, explored, had lunch, climbed, jumped and ran, then we loaded all the pumpkins in my truck, loaded the kids and teachers back on the buses and headed back to school...a little dusty, a lot tired and with some great memories!

Thanks Walters, PTO and all the parents that helped out!


  1. We went to the pumpkin patch about two weeks ago. We had a great time and beautiful weather as well. My kids enjoyed getting to pick the pumpkin out in the patch and getting n adult to cut it off the vine. I'm glad you had a beautiful day to explore the patch.

  2. We love this pumpkin patch as well. We went to the patch about three weeks ago and had a great time with our grand kids. The best part of the trip is riding in the back of the wagon and picking a favorite pumpkin from the patch to take home and decorate.
    Sounds like a lot of us have found a lot of fun and learning at Walter's Pumpkin Patch.