Thursday, October 25, 2012

It Clicked!

I love watching my little students when "it clicks." I feel like in a kindergarten classroom I get to see that so often and they are so excited to discover new things. Well today it clicked for me. I keep looking at other people's blogs and how exciting and interesting they are and trying to jazz mine up a bit to make it more interesting. So I saw this thing called a blog hop on one of my favorite blogs to check out and decided to try and see if I could figure it out and I think I did! Well I hope I did. Maybe I didn't do it quite right, but I see my blog listed on her blog list and her button is on mine so I think that is how it is suppose to work. Sometimes old dogs can learn new tricks :)


  1. I agree Angela. There is nothing better than seeing the look on a student's face when they "get it". I have also experienced a great deal of learning this year as I have taken on a new job. I can think of several times this year when I have felt like I have "got it" and learned something new! However, isn't that what we as teachers strive to do? Shouldn't we always be striving to learn new things and/or new methods to instruct students with?