Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Vision of Students Today

Students Today...a must watch


  1. Great post Angela! It is amazing to think how things have changed over the years, even since I was a student (which wasn't all that long ago). We, as teachers, must also adapt and change with the times and resources to reach students where they are at!

  2. Yes, I see the problem. Now how do we go about solving it? The students must help us. Where do we start?

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  3. This video really caught my attention so much that I showed it to my classroom management education students. They definitely liked the fact that none of our education classes are larger than 12 students. Some of the education classes at this point are 3 students. What an awesome opportunity to work together to make learning unique and personal. I love this teaching environment.

    Way to go, Angela! Great post as usual.

  4. I find it interesting that the quote at the beginning is from 1967! That's 45 years ago! If they've been aware of this problem for that long why haven't things changed?!


  5. This was a topic of our conversation at the table last time we did workshop. I definitely think our education is due for a change but remember change is not always of the reasons in my opinion that the system is still much the same over the course of a century.
    I blogged earlier about how technology connects and at the same time disconnects this video demonstrates this. So many people texting, using social media during times that that actually disconnects them from what from the here and now. Again at my sons swimming practice..more of the same. Parents staring down into a cyber world while they miss the child and it happens in the same space!
    I believe that our system needs to study other successful models to adapt and change. Observation of schools and classrooms so far that I have done have just been more of the same. In our first session this semester Dr. Malaby spoke of risk and change. It will take a paradigm shift or a change in the Zeitgeist to make this happen.