Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Feast...for 85

There is a Thanksgiving tradition in my class that started when I was student teacher and continues many years later. We have a feast so that we can make a connection between the historical events that helped create the holiday Thanksgiving and the current ways we celebrate today. Every year our feast looks a little different, includes different classes, but is also an amazing experience (despite the chaos) for all involved.

This year was no exception. We had two kindergarten classes and two first grade classes that were involved and we split the feast up so that each class had a contribution. Mine was the bread. I make the bread every year. I have a wonderful, kid-friendly recipe that I received as a student teacher and even though I have made it 10 plus years it will be a tradition I will continue for many more to come. We begin the bread making process the day before (so the bread can rise overnight in the refrigerator) and finish the process the day of the feast.

This year we had a small dilemma as to where we would have this feast. We always want to do it somewhere a little different to make it special. Many years, we have crowded 40-50 kids in one classroom, we had it in our school barn another year, but this year there was no way we were fitting 80 plus students and then another handful of adults in a classroom and our barn isn't big enough. So we thought and thought...line a hallway with tables? hmm....then a fellow teacher and friend (who is always so creative and wonderful) wondered if we could use the church down the street. So the church was called and arrangements were made and the day before our feast I went and picked up the key and got the instructions and the gentleman that showed me around was so generous and appreciative that we had thought to use the church. He was so excited for us to be there. WE were so excited and appreciative that they were allowing us to be there. It had an amazingly spacious basement area with a kitchen and worked wonderfully.

So we spent the majority of our day there, preparing, cooking, creating, baking, eating and cleaning and it may have been the best school feast yet!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! I am off to cook another feast (for my own family)...for 6


  1. You are so humble and give credit to many other individuals that truly do make a different in helping you accomplish something extra special for your kiddos. I can tell this was an awesome feast for all of you.
    It sounded like you had a great student teaching experience. When you have time would you share your personal feelings about the student teaching experience and your college methods classes. What is it that has made you so devoted to your students and the profession?