Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Overcoming Barriers

As I have begun to form my idea of what I would like to focus my master's project on I have really tried to be subjective. I want the positives and the negatives, the advantages and disadvantages, the pros and the cons...so I am trying to use an open mind about everything.

This article really lines out some of the reasons why integrating technology is so difficult. It also possibly doesn't give all the reasons why it isn't integrated more. Implementing Technology

The one statement I continue to say over and over in my head is that we are teaching 21st century students in a 19th century style. They are not growing up in the same world that many of us did...so why teach them the same way we learned? They are different learners. Technology has changed the way we do things, but teaching has been slow to change. I am hoping to work on that personally...now starts the hard work!


  1. Great reflection and how true. So, maybe we're not as flexible as we think we are.
    Many obstacles to overcome as you(and the rest of us strive to identify what changes need to occur) and what it will take to get it accomplished.

  2. I agree with the article. I'm obviously not opposed to technology, but I think before we continue to keep adding more and more, we should take the time to evaluate what we have and learn to use it either looking online or collaborating with other teachers. Otherwise it becomes more overwhelming and in part a waste of money. I know that in my classroom I have found from previous teachers a brand new overhead calculator and overhead timer which look brand new! Somebody spent some pretty good money on these things and they don't look like they were ever used. How many of us have something like this in our classroom? I really liked the idea of lit trips using google earth. Hopefully I can find some that will work for my classroom! But again if you hadn't share this I would have never known this option was out there! Thanks!

  3. The other week, one of my 8th grade speech students was complaining about not understanding her math assignment. I did a search on youtube and found a video that explained the concept and walked through a few problems. I know that I lecture over subjects in class that I (or someone else) could do (and has done) on a youtube video. This type of technology really could and should replace boring teacher lectures. There are so many useful and educational ways to use computers in every single class. Dave's comment is right on, too. I feel like there is a push to use technology, and there are a lot of cool gadgets out there, the trick is using it in an effective and meaningful way. I'm not claiming to know how to do that, though.

  4. Remind me to email you a great article that speaks to your post! I think you'll enjoy it:)