Monday, September 3, 2012


The sunset at the lake was a beautiful distraction!
I knew I had homework that needed to be done. I also knew that I had a long weekend due to Labor Day. So I have plenty of time to get it all finished...right? WRONG!
Friday was our first home football game. So the girls and I headed to that while my husband worked late. Distraction! 
Saturday, my girls and I loaded in the truck and drove to SE Kansas to see my family. My baby brother has been in Japan for a year and just got back with his new girlfriend so we all met at Elk City Lake to reunite. So spent the day at the lake, the night in a hotel and most of Sunday at the lake again. Distraction! 
Drove home Sunday and decided to go to the movies with the family. Distraction!
Today is Monday and I am trying to get motivated to work on homework. Read through articles, took a quiz, took lots of notes...but something that should take a couple of hours at most has so far taken me most of today. Why? Because of distractions. My children have not quite figured out that mom has homework and needs to focus and not only that, but my husband has also not quite figured that out either. So now I am realizing that this is not just a learning process for me, but for my family as well. Come Wednesday everything will be completed and prepared for class...well because that's just how I am, even if I do stay up all night the night before making sure of it!! Bring on the distractions :)

My girls with their cousin Brock and
my little brother's girlfriend, Miyu from Japan.

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