Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I started this journey (getting my Master's) with some excitement and a lot of nervousness!! Worried that it would be too much. This week I am already starting to feel that a little as I realize I have class tonight and this week has already been a very long week and it is only half way done. I knew there would be weeks like this...I just hoped they wouldn't happen so soon. This has been a very busy week!!! We had parent night at our school on Monday night, then I had an appointment in Wichita on Tuesday night and now class tonight, so three evenings away from my family so far.
My class today must have sensed my stress levels because they have been so wonderful today!! They have made me smile and laugh more times then I have felt like and have just been great. Kindergartners always seem to know just the right things to say :).
So my attitude is improving as I go into the day and now my school day is almost over. Staff meeting after school and then time to head to class night number 2.

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