Sunday, September 16, 2012

Technology in the Kindergarten Classroom

I found this article from a kindergarten teacher regarding using technology in the kindergarten classroom during writing time and felt this was something I am struggling with right now. Now with our new common core standards the writing standards for kindergarten are the one set of standards that I am finding it difficult to figure out how to manage in the kindergarten classroom. One of the common core new writing standards states "with guidance and support from adults, explore of variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers."
That whole statement scares me a little as I think about implementation. What does guidance and support look like? What kind of digital tools? What is considered a variety? Collaboration with peers? In kindergarten? Yikes! 
Then I stop and think about our day to day world and how much we all do together in the classroom and feel like maybe I do hit that standard more than I am realizing, but then again maybe not. This article shows how one extremely creative teacher uses it in her classroom. I am hoping that we have the software available at our school to try something similar. I am excited to at least give it a try…

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