Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day!!!

Today it snowed...and snowed. For some areas, that may be nothing new, but for us it has been a rarity the past few winters and my students were so excited!!

We even went out for just a few moments to get a measurement of how much snow had fallen so far. At 12:40 our next door neighbor of kindergarten students measured 1 1/2 inches of snow and by 2:00 when we went out to measure it was already at 2 inches.

and tomorrow is an official SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!! So excited to spend the day at home with my girls!


  1. Nothing like a snow day. I had big windows in my 4th grade classroom the past 13 years and our view was the courtyard, so all of us would just put our work aside and have a break to celebrate the snow.

    It was such an exciting time for the kids and for most of the adults. If the snow was heavy and the wind was howling we knew to be patient and listen for an announcement about an early dismissal or no school for the following day. Not surprising, something that costs nothing could engaged and educate our students across all content areas with such joy and excitement.

    Your pictures speak a thousand words!