Sunday, February 17, 2013

Officially 7

7 years (and 3 days ago) my husband and I gave each other the best gift on Valentine's Day and now she is growing up so quickly! All three of our baby girls....aren't babies anymore. Today we celebrated with family and friends at a bowling birthday party and all had a great time.
Happy Birthday Brooklynn!!!!

At seven she is getting more and more independent every day and wants to be able to do everything her older sisters are doing. She is reading better and better every day and you can really hear her voice in the stories she writes. She loves Justin Bieber :) and is quite the social butterfly. All three of our girls light up our world in so many ways.


  1. Angela- Thanks for sharing such important events that make us understand your heart and professional goals. I know how much you're loved and supported from your awesome family. We're lucky you decided to be a part of the MC masters program.

    I admire you a lot!

  2. Wow those kids are dressed up. What a special event.