Sunday, May 5, 2013


Life has been busier than usual lately and I have gotten so used to being so busy that when I am not, I have no idea what to do with myself. So today when life is just a little slower, I thought I would blog about life lately. The school year is winding down, which also brings about its own stresses!

At school there are students to be assessed, report cards to be done, field trips to go on and all this while trying to remind my students that we need to still focus for a few more weeks.

At home there are a few of us that are so excited for school to be out, but still needing to focus on track meets, ending FFA banquet and the selection of officers for next year, shooting sports, girl scouts, dance, work, graduations to attend, graduation parties and at some point the house still needs cleaned, dishes washed and laundry done.

Then I start to dream about summer....lazy, warm days by the pool, sleeping in, plenty of time to get the house organized and cleaned the way I like, time to prepare to teach a new grade next year.....

and then reality hits! Basketball tournaments every weekend in June, summer camps, swimming lessons, teacher conferences, summer weights every morning, weddings, softball games, preparing animals (and girls) for county fair and then all the sudden it is July...

I hope that we have some days...some moments to stop and relax and enjoy being a family despite all the craziness. So that is my one main goal this find the little moments where life stops and we can just be.

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